Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Complete, working, portable Pandora

Uploaded by craigix

"Here is a quick and much requested video of the white Pandora which was built a few days ago. It is the first fully working, portable, near final unit. Still some things to tweak up which we are not happy with, but we are almost there now.

You can see use of the keyboard, the nubs, the dpad, the action buttons, the LEDs and the touchscreen.

I should point out the final Pandora will be black - this is white so that we can see any stress points on the case (and fix them).

The game is Quake@800*480 via the SGX (solid 60FPS with dynamic lighting), the OS is Linux (Angstrom). We will do a video with Quake3 soon."

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

Social networking more popular than web-email

From TG Daily -

According to Nielsen Online, over two thirds of the global population utilizes "member communities" which include blogging sites and social networks, making them the fourth most popular category, ahead of email as the most common online activity and just behind search, general interest portals, and PC-based apps. Between Dec 2007 and Dec 2008, blogging and social networking sites combined reached 66.8% of the global online population.

This new data marks a change in the direction of the Internet and communication by its users. It has been a common belief that for young individuals utilizing email for communication with older individuals was the norm, and social networking sites, text messaging, and instant messaging were the preferred methods of communication amongst friends. Nielsen, however, discovered that Facebook had a greater growth in the older generation than the young.

Its greatest growth comes from 35-49 years old, with 24.1 million new users, and the 50-64 year old bracket adding 13.6 million users for the said period.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Google Shuts Down Infinite SMS For Gmail, iPhone

From Gizmodo -

Google has decided to shut down Infinite SMS, a third party app that allows users to send free text messages. The reason? The service has too many users and Google was unwilling to foot the bill.

The good news though is that the proprietary SMS service is still available in Labs, so it's not a total loss. Still, users of the popular Infinite SMS app will undoubtedly be disappointed.